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Thursday, December 29, 2011

khana kaba

  1. Black Stone on the south-east corner.
  2. Entry door, on the East wall 2.13 metres above ground level. It is accessed using a set of portable steps.
  3. Rainwater spout made of gold. This was added in the rebuilding of 1627 after the previous year's rain caused three of the four walls to collapse.
  4. Gutter, also added in 1627 to protect the foundation from groundwater.
  5. Hatim, a low wall originally part of the Kaaba. Pilgrims do not walk in the area between this wall and the Kaaba. Some believe this area contains the graves of Hajar and Ismail.
  6. Al-Multazam, the part of the wall between the Black Stone and the entry door.
  7. Post of Abraham. Abraham is said to have stood on this stone during the construction of the upper parts of the Kaaba, raising Ismail on his shoulders for the uppermost parts.
  8. Corner of the Black Stone (South-East).
  9. Corner of Yemen (South-West). Pilgrims traditionally acknowledge a large vertical stone that forms this corner.
  10. Corner of Syria (North-West).
  11. Corner of Iraq (North-East).
  12. Kiswa, the embroidered covering, replaced annually.
  13. Marble stripe marking the beginning and end of each circumperambulation.

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